Rokycany is small town located on the highway D5 between Prague (Praha) and Pilsen (Plzeň), Exit no. 62. Street called "Nad Husovymi sady" would be what you put into your GPS.
The closest international airport is Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague (Praha). All trains, including international ones, do stop in Rokycany, it is the main trian route from Prague (Praha) towards Pilsen (Plzeň) and München. It's app. 20-30min walk from the station - you are crossing a whole town and need to get up the hill to the airfield.

There is no presale! Tickets are sold at the festival gate only! The price for 2018 edition is set to 1200Kč/ €50 for weekend pass or 600Kč/ €25 for one day pass.
Ticket booth opens on Thursday late afternoon/ evening. Anyway, Thursday warm-up show is free of charge.

The camping site is located right at the festival site and is separated into three zones: parking, camping+parking and camping only. There is no extra charge for camping or parking. Camping and festival uses chemical toilets and there is tank with drinking water and basic washing station. The public swimming pool is located 5-10min walk from the festival. The open fire is prohibited at the festival.
There is catering zone at the festival, the festival only serves vegan food. Alcohol drinks are only sold to 18+. There is no policy on your own food and drinks at the festival just keep in mind it is major income for the festival budget as well as the local animal right organization called Svoboda Zvirat.
There are containers for trash and there are special ones for plastic, glass and paper as well as mixed trash. Keep mixed trash to the absolute minimum. And well, produce as little as possible. Thanks.

There are two fluff stages, the main one plus smaller "tent" one with app. 20 bands each day. The Thursday warm-up is only happening in the tent. There is also infoshoptent stage where smaller shows and discussions and possibly movie screenings happen. There are two sub-festivals. Psych tent is located outside festival zone and is complately free of charge and runs Thursday through Sunday until late every night. All Go/ No Slow is happening in the back part of the festival zone and runs on Friday and Saturday.
There is also traditional "Open stage", it shares stage with AG/NS and runs daily in the afternoons. Some 5-6 bands per day have a chance to come and sing up and play 20-30min set. They need to sign up at the entrance on the day of the performance. Playing open stage does not get you into the festival for free, you still need to buy festival pass.
The zine library is located near the festival gate.

The festival is financed by income from the entrance and profit from bars only. There are no goverment foundings or sponzors. Putting up posters with corporate logos is not welcomed. Your are welcome to promote your own DIY powered activities, you are even welcome to sell your product as far as it is not food or drinks. You are welcome to set up info tents promoting your activities etc. you are only asked to follow organizers' instructions while doing so.
The festival does not use professional security company and it is based around trust. There are no barriers, there is no VIP area of any kind. There is no special backstage area or separate catering etc. It is an absolute necessity that everyone shows respect to others - it is the only way the festival could stay that way. Any form of agression is not welcomed, the festival is place for discussion and respect. And fun!